A global, decentralised marketplace of peer-to-peer services.

CanYa is a hybrid between an on-chain cryptocurrency payment layer using CanYa Coins, and a fast off-chain service that enables users to find and book services, and for service providers to list their skills and services.


As a user, load your wallet with crypto to spend, or seamlessly pay on the go with a linked credit card.

Peer-peer Services

As a user, instantly pay for services locally and globally. CanYa supports most peer-peer services, relying on users to help curate and verify new services and providers.

CanYa Coins

As a provider, earn CanYaCoins for your skills and services. Spend in the app, or convert and send immediately to a crypto wallet using our network of zero-fee exchanges. Get verified, and withdraw immediately to a fiat bank account with no fees or transaction limits.

Global Marketplace

As a provider, retail your skills and services to a global marketplace. CanYa is a true meritocracy — the best providers get the most exposure and work.

CanYa Coin Sale

A trustless payment system.

The CanYa integrated wallet gives users choice in spending currencies for services.

The trustless hedged escrow protects users from currency fluctuations, ensuring that a $100 in, is $100 out.

CanYa - Escrow
CanYa - Escrow CanYa - Escrow
CanYa - Escrow

Pay with  ...and more.

A single bridge between currencies.

(KYC/AML Permitting)

Receive in  ...even in fiat!

The global market is $2tn, with 200 million users.

CanYa - Market Size
CanYa Coin Sale

Spend and earn cryptocurrencies on 200+ services.

CanYa is a fully-featured app that makes it seamless, transparent and incredibly easy to spend and earn cryptocurrencies on services - in a safe and secure manner.

Browse profiles

Broadcast jobs

Reviews & ratings

In-app chat & calling

Verified skills

Invoicing & payments

Availability & calendar

Free to quote, free to list

CanYa is an operational platform.

CanYa was beta-launched in a small Australian city in late December 2016, and then soft-launched in a major Australian city in January 2017.





CanYa Coin Sale
CanYa Coin Sale
CanYa Coin Sale

CanYa will accelerate the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.

John-Paul Thorbjornsen, CEO & Co-Founder

Coin Bonuses

Once filled, each stage will progress.

  • Keystone
    ETH to CAN:
    Total Raised:
  • Pre-Sale
  • Stage 1
    14,625 ETH
  • Stage 2
    16,714 ETH
  • Stage 3
    19,500 ETH
  • Stage 4
    23,400 ETH

60,000,000 coins will be sold. CanYa Coin is an ERC20 token.


Canya addresses a global $2tn market, with 200 million users growing 10% every year.

Coin Sale


There will be 100,000,000 coins in circulation. The CanYa Coin is an ERC-20 token.


The pre-sale will commence in October 2017. The coin sale will be conducted over four stages and will commence in November 2017. Each stage will last until sold out.

The stages will not progress until the previous is fulfilled, and at the conclusion all unsold coins will be iced.


60,000,000 coins will be available for sale. 20,000,000 coins will be allocated to the Rewards Pool, which will incentivise users to use the platform.


15% – Initial Development

Global architecture, multi-lingual support, integrated wallet and cryptocurrency payments.

35% – Ongoing Product Development

Growing the company in Melbourne, Australia with approximately 10-20 engineers. Work includes integration of hedged escrow, translations, ongoing Webapp updates, iOS/Android maintenance and new features.

30% – Marketing and Expansion

We will use funds to market the app into various countries starting with South-east Asia then as translations come online, into India, China, Europe and Latin America.

20% – Working Capital

As CanYa allows conversion between cryptocurrencies, there will be large floats maintained on partner exchanges in order to process the high volume of daily transactions.


CanYa has been in existence since late 2015, and operational since late 2016. The team have global aspirations and maintain an aggressive timeline:


November 2015

The CanYa founders envisaged a global marketplace of services, emphasised on quality. Design started.


December 2016

The CanYa founders self-funded and built an MVP app using fiat payment gateways. Launched as beta into Australia.

Soft Launch

March 2017

Soft launched into a major Australian City. Rapid uptake with high organic growth. Web-app development starts.


October 2017

Pre-Sale conducted to set a coin value and on-board key members.

Coin Sale

November 2017

Coin Sale to raise capital to integrate a cryptocurrency payment layer between users, and to expand globally.

Global Launch

March 2018

Global launch. KYC/AML support centres in Europe, South-East Asia, North America, China and Australia. Fiat payment support with partner exchanges.

CanYa 2.0

July 2018

In-app translation service, video calling, chat-bot, advanced desktop features.

Advanced Matching

October 2018

CanYa will integrate advanced ML algorithms to smartly match the best providers with each job request.


December 2018

CanYa will integrate features for users to assist with curation and arbitration.

Global reach


CanYa is a mature, global platform. A majority of skilled home services payments are transacted using crypto.


The CanYa Team

Time to learn a little bit about some of the team behind the scenes!

CanYa Coin Sale
John-Paul Thorbjornsen, BTech
CEO & Co-Founder

JP finished school in the Top 1% of his state, earned a technology degree with First Class honours at UNSW, completed a distinguished 10 year career in the Australian Air Force as an officer and pilot before founding a technology company in 2015.

CanYa Coin Sale
Rowan Willson, BSc
CTO & Co-Founder

Rowan completed a successful 12 year career as a decorated pilot in the Australian Air Force, whilst concurrently founding and developing "OzRunways EFB" iOS app which revolutionised aviation in Australia.

CanYa Coin Sale
Chris McLoughlin, BBus
CMO & Co-Founder

Chris completed a Business Degree with First Class honours before being employed as a pilot in the Australian Air Force. Chris is a fluent growth-hacker, growing CanYa’s social media base from 0 to over 55,000 followers in 8 months.

CanYa Coin Sale
Jet Yap, BSc

Jet has more than 10 years of experience working for large global IT shared services organisations and international professional services firms assisting customers and partners to make better use of SAP ERP technology.

CanYa Coin Sale
Surya Wongtomo, Blt
Project Manager

Surya is a skilled and talented designer, developer and manager, running his own digital agency SWUX. Surya co-founded Brighton Peak Bitcoin Exchange and has been involved in cryptocurrencies since 2011. He is a r/cryptocurrency moderator.

CanYa Coin Sale
Juan Suarez, BSc
Lead Front-end Developer

Over the past few years Juan has developed hundreds of apps for brands like: Hewlett Packard, McDonald's, Casio, VisitNorway, NH Hotels and many more. Juan has 16+ years experience and wide industry experience.

CanYa Coin Sale
Shaun O’Reilly, Blt
Lead Back-end Developer

Senior web-architect. Fluent on 14 software languages and 7 database systems. 25+ years experience.

CanYa Coin Sale
Daniel Duckworth, BCs
Project Manager

Founder of ServiceCrowd marketplace. ML and automation expert.

CanYa Coin Sale
Kyle Hornberg, BTech
Lead Operations & Co-founder

Air Force Operational Manager. Leader, innovator, investor. Co-founded CanYa and runs a very tight operations team.

CanYa Coin Sale
Steve Meacham, MBA
Online Marketing

Entrepreneur. Co-founder Crowdvenience marketplace. President of 100% gingers society (if that really existed!). Web developer. Marketing specialist.

CanYa Coin Sale
James Waugh, BA
Community Manager

After years of active engagement in the crypto-community he has developed a deep understanding of Blockchain technologies and Ethereum projects.

CanYa Coin Sale
Steph McLoughlin, BA
Assistant Community Manager

Communications Coordinator for GESB, the Government Employees Superannuation Board. Engaging and attentive, she helps lead the way in social engagement.

CanYa Coin Sale
Jacinta Kelly, BEng
Customer Service

Customer Service super-star. Jacinta leads a larger team of Support Agents that provide assistance across our many customer service platforms.

CanYa Coin Sale
David Moskowitz, CEO Indorse & CEO Attores

Board member of ACCESS The Singapore Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association.

CanYa Coin Sale
Josh Buirski, Distributed Technologies Institute

Founder & Partner at Distributed Technologies Institute Pty. Ltd.

CanYa Coin Sale
Kai C. Chng, Co-Founder & CEO at DigixGlobal

Blockchain Solutions Provider and Asset Tokenization Platform. Not a payment processor, not an exchange, but an Asset Tokenization Service on the blockchain.

CanYa Coin Sale
Karen Hsu, Head of Growth at BlockCypher

Finding and scaling product/market fit for small and large companies. Product strategy, Go-to-Market strategy and Execution, Business Development, Sales and more.

CanYa Coin Sale
Layla Tabatabaie, Attorney, Author & Advisor

New York attorney, author, and digital marketer. Over six years of branding, fundraising, digital marketing, PR, and copywriting for VC-backed apps, blockchain companies and chatbots.

CanYa Coin Sale
Dave Mata, Director at Block Bits Capital

Chief Product Officer for Prizm Labs and expert in the F2P space, specifically in operations and the architecture of monetization and micro-transactions.

CanYa Coin Sale
Sean Walsh, Partner at Redwood City Ventures

Sean’s marketing was seen by more than 250 million people, across 150 countries. Co-Founded Bertram Labs for lauded for disrupting the trillion-dollar Private Equity Middle-Market.


Decentralized professional network
Integration of crowd-sourced skill verifications.
Market for data analysis
Integration of market for data analytics.
Integration of decentralised database alongside IPFS.
Digix Gold Tokens (DGX) integration.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen to unsold coins?
Unsold coins will be iced and reserved by the company to maintain a coin price floor.
Can I participate in the Coin Sale with a cryptocurrency other than ETH?
Unfortunately, no. CAN coins are sent immediately via our smart contract to the wallet address from which it received ETH from.
Which wallet should I use to store CAN coins?
As CAN is an ERC20 standard token, it can be stored in many different Ethereum based wallets. CanYa has plans to host a wallet for each user, but until then we recommend using Mist, MyEtherWallet or MetaMask.
Can I send ETH from my exchange wallet?
No! Do not send Ether from any exchange wallet as you may not be able to receive your coins.

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